against against prep. 【HELP】For the special uses of against in phrasal verbs, look at the entries for the verbs. For example count against sb is in the phrasal verb section at count. • * against 在短语动词中的特殊用法见有关动词词条。如 count against sb 在词条 count 的短语动词部份。 1. opposing or disagreeing with sb / sth • 反对;与…相反;逆;违反:
»the fight against terrorism
»Weˈre playing against the league champions next week.
»We were rowing against the current.
»Thatˈs against the law.
»She was forced to marry against her will.
»Are you for or against the death penalty?
»She is against seeing (= does not want to see) him.
»Iˈd advise you against doing that.
2. not to the advantage or favour of sb / sth • 对…不利:
»The evidence is against him.
»Her age is against her.
--› compare for prep. (7) 3. close to, touching or hitting sb / sth • 紧靠;倚;碰;撞:
»Put the piano there, against the wall.
»The rain beat against the windows.
4. in order to prevent sth from happening or to reduce the damage caused by sth • 以防:
»an injection against rabies
»They took precautions against fire.
»Are we insured against theft?
5. with sth in the background, as a contrast • 以…为背景;衬托:
»His red clothes stood out clearly against the snow.
»(figurative) The love story unfolds against a background of civil war.
6. used when you are comparing ten things • 和…相比:
»You must weigh the benefits against the cost.
»Check your receipts against the statement.
»Whatˈs the rate of exchange against the dollar?
【IDIOMS】--› see as conj., stacked
* * *
[ә'genst, ә'geinst]
相反, 反對, 逆著, 靠著, 倚著

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